Working Groups of the DGOU


The Work Group for Surgical Live Imaging and Technology Integration (AGiTec) promotes innovative technologies and computer-based surgical methods.

Social medicine and assessments

The Work Group for Social Medicine and Expert Statements deals with issues concerning trauma surgery and orthopaedics.

Implant safety

The Work Group for Technical Implant Safety focuses the interests and competences of its field and serves as a contact point for all related issues.

Tissue replacement

The Work Group for Tissue Replacement and Tissue Regeneration is concerned with biological reconstruction after joint cartilage damage.


The Teaching Work Group develops recommendations for the structure and the content of student teaching in the orthopaedics and trauma surgery field. 

O&T in developing countries

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft O+U in Entwicklungsländern [Working Group for O&U in Developing Countries] (AGOUE) provides interested members with a forum for active cooperation in the area of development cooperation.


The work of the Psychosomatics Work Group includes the development of guidelines for physicians, therapeutic staff and patients. 

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