Quality management

The German Society for Orthopaedics and Trauma (DGOU) has initiated various projects in cooperation with its partner organisations to ensure health care for patients. These focus on standardised care and quality standards for the care of severely injured persons, the registration of relevant treatment data, data collection for the treatment of patients after hip and knee endoprothetic as well as certification of medical facilities for joint replacement.


The German Endoprosthesis Register (EPRD) is a joint project of doctors, clinics, health incurance companies and industry that is intended to improve the quality of supply with artificial hip and knee joints and to avoid unnecessary change surgery.


EndoCert is an initiative for the certification of medical facilities for joint replacement. It aims to maintain and improve the quality of endoprosthesis provision in Germany. 

TraumaNetwork DGU®

The TraumaNetwork DGU® aims at establishing a structured, comprehensive network of qualified clinics for treating severely injured persons according to general care and quality standards.

TraumaRegister DGU®

The clinics participating in the TraumaNetwork DGU® agree to enter the treatment data of their accident victims into the TraumaRegister DGU® database. These data allow conclusions regarding the quality of supply in Germany.


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